How Does Snippect Work?

Snippect is an in-page conversation that lets you talk to your website visitors exactly how and when you want to.


Add Snippect

Pick a template for your page or start from scratch

Create Conversation

Built or edit your conversation to collect the data you want



Custom Appearance

Personalize your Snippect with options like profile picture, brand logo, colors etc.

Insert Code

Get your Code and paste it into the section of your web page


Integrate with Hubspot or Mailchimp

Measure Outcomes

View page wise engagement and conversion analytics

Modify On-the-go

Edit conversation in real-time and tweak performance

What Can You Do With Snippect?

What can I use Snippect for?

Snippect can be used across any web page to perform a variety of different actions. You can boost lead generation by asking and collecting lead information from your visitors without sending them to a form. With a Snippect, you can also ask the user a few persona defining questions (interest-based questions) and redirect them, based on their selection, to a landing page of your choice.

What sort of lead information can I collect?

You can collect the Name, Phone number, Email and any additional comments from the visitor. All these fields will get validated in real-time, making sure you only receive validated leads to achieve the growth you are looking for.

Can I send images?

Absolutely! Don’t just stop at sharing images, with each Snippect you can also share videos from YouTube and gifs from Giphy. The more creative, the better!

Can I pick my own redirect landing page?

Would beat the purpose otherwise 😊. You can personalize each Snippect the way you want. Pick a redirect landing page of your choice. You can also customize a Snippect with a profile picture as well as the colors of each quick reply button to match your brand on your website.

What if I have 2 different landing pages for 2 separate personas?

Not a problem! Include up to 10 buttons and add a simple rule to let Snippect know where you want each visitor to be redirected to.

Can I make changes to a Snippect once its live?

Its all real-time. Make your change on Snippect and the conversation will reflect it in real-time.

I have several AMP pages, will this work?

Yes it would. Snippect works on all types of AMP pages (both HTML and WordPress). You need to use the AMP specific code in the Embed section