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A Page is a grouping for your Snippects.
To begin, create a new Page to start adding Snippects.

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What is a Page?

When you create a Snippect you insert it on a web page. This could be a page on your website or blog article etc. A Snippect Page is a like a folder that you will use to group all Snippects on that web page.

Can I have multiple Snippects on my page?

Yes, typically people put 2 or 3 Snippects on a page but go ahead and be creative and you might be pleasantly surprised how well you can engage with your audience.

Are analytics linked to Pages?

Yes, Analytics are linked to Pages. Once you have embedded your Snippect code, Snippect starts tracking a few more things like TruBounce, Daily Visitors, Snippect Interactions, Snippect Engagement Ratio etc.

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