Convert Higher Leads on Website.

Snippect' s embedded conversations allow you to collect lead information, exactly how you want it. With zero coding skills.

Convert Without Compromising Website Experience

When it comes to converting on your website, you are left with very few options that do not impact your user experience. What do you do? Do you use a pop-up? It is intrusive and at times, may even put off your users. Do you add a chat widget? Widgets are great, but they are often associated with ‘help’ and /support’. Not the ideal solution for conversion since users will only click if they need help.

With Snippect, you get the ability to have a conversation, understand your users better and then convert them based on their interest – all while they have the website experience you want them to have.

Initiate conversation based on location

Snippect’s multi-conversation approach allows you to have several conversations placed at different locations – all within the same page. Giving you the power to talk about a specific feature or offering that caught your users attention, allowing you to convert better.

Customized flows based on interest

Have multiple products? Different buyer persona’s? You’ll be able to create multiple customized flows based on options you define by taking advantage of Snippect’s powerful logic and rules. Every flow can have a unique redirect URL to a landing page for that product or persona.

Collect and categorize leads

Offer your users the ability to add their contact details right from within the page through a text box instead. Collected lead information is categorized based on the flow you decide.

In built Analytics with CRM integrations

View page wise outcomes and insightful data gathered through your conversations. Push new leads collected directly to the CRM of your choice with Snippect’s simple yet powerful API solution.