Boost Conversion on Landing Pages.

Snippect's embedded conversations allow you to collect lead information on any landing page, exactly how you want it. With zero coding skills.

Achieve higher growth metrics on landing pages

Landing pages are a great way to keep specific user personas engaged by offering exactly what they need. You need a solution that will help you convert higher on these pages that isn’t as intrusive as a popup or as impersonal as a form.

With Snippect, you get the ability to have a conversation, understand your users better and then convert them based on their interest – all while they have the solution experience you want them to have.

Trigger conversations, not forms

72% users happily respond to inline conversations over chat popups or site surveys. Design and create custom conversations, take users to a specific landing page and convert higher with Snippect’s conversational tool over forms and popups.

Collect and categorize leads

Offer your users the ability to add their contact details right from within the page through a text box instead. Collected lead information is categorized based on the flow you decide.

In built Analytics with CRM integrations

View page wise outcomes and insightful data gathered through your conversations. Push new leads collected directly to the CRM of your choice with Snippect’s simple yet powerful API solution.